quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2009

Sometimes I wonder if I have the right to be feeling the way I do. What we felt for each other was beautiful, it was true, it was strong, but also it was so recent. Our love hasn’t had time; to grow, to perish, whatever… It just hasn’t had time. And so, sometimes I wonder if I should be feeling like this, if it’s right. Were you mine just because you loved me when you died Lea?

I know you were loving me, just as you knew I was loving you deeply, but time took away from us a thing called “history together”! We had some, alright, but so short… I only remember your last words to me and your proposal for us to live together somewhere, not in Slovakia and not in Portugal. Those are some of the few things that still shine in my heart, and so I hope it’s alright for me to be feeling the way I do, loving you the way I still do, and missing you like I do… because all of those things are the most truthful part of me now.

Dovidenia Lea, môj laska...