quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2009

I’ve been working on archaeological sites, as I’ve told you. I’ve been digging up skeletons from medieval times. That’s what most anthropologists do, and I am one of them. Since December I’ve stop doing that, but while I was doing it sometimes I wondered, and sometimes I imagined who those men, women and children were…

Maybe one day, in the future, someone will do the same in the place where you are. Maybe one day, in the future, someone will take you out from the ground… And that person will never know how loved you were. They will never imagine how much love someone was feeling for you. Someone will touch your bones without knowing anything about you, without knowing how beautiful and sweet you were, without having the right to touch you… If that day comes please remember I love you. Please try to let go and just come to me.

I will love you Lea, always, even if the world thinks I’m just a fool.